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Camarines Norte

Camarines Norte is the northernmost Province in Bicol Region, It is the gateway to Bicolandia. Home of the First Rizal Monument, century old churches, cascading waterfalls and paradise like islands/beaches.

Come and explore CamNorte. Visit Calaguas Island in Vinzons which showcase the powdery white sand and crystal clear water, truly a world class destination. Another must see is the Parola island in Jose Panganiban that showcase its unique pink sand or go island hopping at the 7 islands of Mercedes. We also offer different kinds of falls like 16 cascading falls of Mananap, 70 ft. Colasi falls and 53 ft. Nacali falls. If you are into culture and history, we offer First Rizal Monument or also known as First Bantayog Monument. Another interesting place to visit is the town of Vinzons that showcases a heritage church and multiple century old houses. If you are into arts and crafts, visit the town of Jose Panganiban and Paracale that showcase gold handicraft.

Inilimbag ng Pamahalaang Panlalawigan sa pakikipagtulungan ng Provincial Development Information Council (PDIC) bawat buwan upang magsiwalat ng kaalamang pangkaunlaran sa mga mamamayan at barangay. Sinusulat at inihanda ng Tanggapan ng Ugnayang Pampamayanan, Kapitol Probinsyal, Daet, Camarines Norte.

Tumatanggap ang pahayagan ng artikulong kontribusyon mula sa mga mambabasa. Hinihiling lamang na ito ay makinilyado ng doble espasyo, hindi susobra sa isang maikling bond paper ang haba at nagtataglay ng tunay na pangalan at tirahan ng may akda, lalo na kung ito ay opinyon. Ang kahilingan na huwag nang ilimbag ang pangalan ng may akda ay pagbibigyan ng patnugutan.

Alin mang artikulo ay dadaan sa masusing pagsusuri upang iakma ito sa estilo ng pahayagan at limitadong espasyo nito.

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The Sangguniang Panlalawigan Members


1st District - Tagalog Speaking

ARTEMIO B. SERDON 1st Board Member
REYNOIR V. QUIBRAL 2nd Board Member
AIDA C. DASCO 4th Board Member

2nd District - Bicol Speaking

JOSEPH CHRISTOPER M. PANOTES 1st Board Member/Acting Vice Governor
RENEE F. HERRERA 2nd Board Member
GODFREY A. PARALE 5th Board Member

Ex-Officio Members

Michael Rowell D. Aling SK President
News and Information
The Governor's Message

     Welcome to our website, the, our social link to all CamNorteño and to all Netizens in the world of global technology.

     To all our net visitors, let this platform be your first step in discovering the beauty and uniqueness of Camarines Norte and leads you to come and visit our province. We also hope that this portal will attract partnership and open oppurtunities for you and our people.

     To my dear CamNorteños, we invite you to browse the site and have time to REAP:
Revisit our province's history, culture and traditions so that we continuously hold in our hearts our roots and endearment for our province;
Explore our natural wonders to blog and to share it that will help us strengthen our tourism industry vis-a-vis promoting culture of tourism in our constituents;
Access the provincial government and all its offices and links to other government offices to be aware of the services and projects and;
Partake in our province's undertakings to build a progressive and peaceful communities.

     Let's stay connected. Connectivity is pivotal to progress! (jac/EAT)

— Gov. Edgardo A. Tallado
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