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Title Notice of Awards Notice to Proceed Contract
PR No. 19010035 – Laboratory Supplies for Laboratory Section use NOA-2019-PR0035    
PR No. 19010036 – Laboratory Supplies for CNPH ward use NOA-2019-PR0036    
PR No. 19041131 – 758 sacks Commercial Rice, 50kgs. NOA-2019-PR1131    
Upgrading of Electrical System into Automatic Transfer Switch and Underground Cabling of Electrical Line and Powerhouse (Phase I), CNPH compound, Bagasbas Road, Daet CN NOA-2019-039 NTP-2019-039 Contract-2019-039
Construction of Access Road, Brgy. Baay, Labo, Camarines Norte NOA-2019-073 NTP-2019-073 Contract-2019-073
Construction of Barangay Road, Brgy. Borabod-Gubat, Daet, Camarines Norte NOA-2019-075 NTP-2019-075 Contract-2019-075
Construction of Access Road, Brgy. Pangpang, Labo, Camarines Norte NOA-2019-077 NTP-2019-077 Contract-2019-077
Construction of Barangay Road, Brgy. Plaridel, Sta. Elena, Camarines Norte NOA-2019-082    
Construction of Drainage System, Brgy. Poblacion, Vinzons, CN NOA-2019-081    
Const. of Covered Court, San Jose Elem. School, Brgy. San Jose, Basud, CN NOA-2019-080    
Const./Road Upgrading of Daet-SLR Road (Phase 4), San Lorenzo Ruiz, CN NOA-2019-079 NTP-2019-079 Contract-2019-079
Const. of Potable Water Supply System, Brgy. Pinagtigasan, Vinzons, CN NOA-2019-078 NTP-2019-078 Contract-2019-078
Const. of Brgy. Road, Brgy. Don Tomas, Sta. Elena, CN NOA-2019-076 NTP-2019-076 Contract-2019-076
Const. of Access Road, Brgy. Submakin, Labo, CN NOA-2019-074 NTP-2019-074 Contract-2019-074
Const. of Evacuation Center, Brgy. San Martin, Jose Panganiban, CN NOA-2019-072 NTP-2019-072 Contract-2019-072
Construction of Evacuation Center, Brgy. Bagacay, Labo, CN NOA-2019-071 NTP-2019-071 Contract-2019-071
Const. of Barangay Road, Brgy. Gubat, Daet, CN NOA-2019-007 NTP-2019-007 Contract-2019-007
PR No. 19020600 – 2,000 sacks Commercial Rice NOA-2019-PR0600 NTP-2019-PR0600 Contract-2019-PR0600
PR No. 19020767 – 40,000 pcs. Noodles (beef & chicken), 20,000pcs. Sardines 155grams and 20,000 pcs. Canned Goods 150 grams NOA-2019-PR0767 NTP-2019-PR0767 Contract-2019-PR0767
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