Paracale,  Camarines Norte

Paracale is a third class municipality in the province of Camarines Norte, Philippines. According to the 2010 census, it has a population of 53,243 people



Local Chief Executive


Municipal Mayor - ROMEO MORENO
Office - Office of the Mayor,  Paracale, Cam. Norte
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Paracale was founded as a mission post by Franciscan friars in 1581. It was established as a town in 1611. However, the mission was abandoned in 1634, reestablished by the Franciscans in 1638 but was abandoned again in 1662. In 1687, the Franciscan missionaries returned to their mission. It was later ceded to the secular clergy. In 1863, Paracale was then formally established as town. Seventeen years later, the Franciscans returned to Paracale to take charge the spiritual administration of the faithful. A large gold mine was discovered here in 1626 and Spaniards worked the gold-bearing gravel in its rivers and streams. The Americans set up huge dredges and mined primary lode deposits.

The town’s name was derived from para cale, meaning “canal digger.” Small gold mining operations persist in this old gold mining center and locals still pan for gold



  • Mercedes is politically subdivided into 26 barangays.
  • Paracale is politically subdivided into 27 barangays.
  • Awitan
  • Bagumbayan
  • Bakal
  • Batobalani
  • Calaburnay
  • Capacuan
  • Casalugan
  • Dagang
  • Dalnac
  • Dancalan
  • Gumaus
  • Labnig
  • Macolabo Island
  • Malacbang
  • Malaguit
  • Mampungo
  • Mangkasay
  • Maybato
  • Palanas
  • Pinagbirayan Malaki
  • Pinagbirayan Munti
  • Poblacion Norte
  • Poblacion Sur
  • Tabas
  • Talusan
  • Tawig
  • Tugos



1995 - 43,824

2000 - 42,453

2007 - 46,856

2010 - 53,243



Mining companies:

  • United Paragon Mining Corporation ( Re- Opening 2nd Quarter of 2013)
  • Unidragon Mining and Development Corporation ( Not Operational due to Cease and desist order by MGB)
  • Baotong Mining Corporation (Not Operational due to Cease and desist order by MGB)
  • Konka Fulim Mining and Development Corp. (KFMDC) ( Not Operational



  • Transportation: Land transportation is the primary means of transporting people, goods and services from the barangay to the town proper of Paracale. The municipality is connected to its different barangays by the municipality’s major roads, namely the Maharlika Highway.
  • Water supply: The barangays of the municipality are being served by levels I, II and III water supply. Other barangays are being served by shallow wells, deep wells or dug wells.
  • Power supply: Paracale is being served by electric power, formerly by the defunct Hidalgo Electric Enterprise, now by the National Power Corporation through the Camarines Norte Electric Cooperative (CANORECO). After the establishment of this cooperative, there was a great improvement in terms of power supply condition in the municipality.
  • Communication: Paracale has a telecommunication system that is being run by the Department of Transportation and Communication (DOTC). There are two satellites of Smart, Globe. There is postal office and has a staff of one mail carriers serving all barangays in the municipality. These personnel cannot adequately serve the entire from the lack of personnel; another problem is the difficulty in the delivery of mails in the remote and far-flung barangays




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